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This week they’re attempting to talk about Life Hacks, but are distracted by the concept of transportation without curves. Plus there’s Textual Healing, an unprepared Winner Plays On, and John’s short essay on his 5 favourite albums. Remember you can get in touch with the boys on if you want to get involved, and you can listen live every Sunday from 10am til 1pm on Xfm. 5 7 14 4 Episode 20 – John’s Childhood Acting Career, Your Toilet Disasters and some Starbucks Romance We’ve got it all this week – a transatlantic Textual Healing, a hugely controversial Sacred Cow, an exciting round of Winner Plays On plus tales of John and Producer Dave’s big night out last week. Elis and John also asked for your messages of toilet-related disasters, and you didn’t disappoint. Plus Elis translated some Welsh words for John – it turns out the Welsh don’t call milk “Cow Cow”. Enjoy the podcast, and remember you can hear the boys live every Sunday from 10am til 1pm on Xfm, or if you’re a podcaster you can get in touch via 28 6 14 5 Episode 19 – Paul Daniels, The Boat That Rocked, Mick Hucknall MP and the Price of Gold More top drawer fun this week from Elis and John as they investigate the lies we’ve told each other, including some corkers about Gremlins, Mick Hucknall and the World Cup. In a change from the norm, Elis mocks John’s clothing as the self-confessed hater of heat had the audacity to arrive in the studio in shorts.
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